• 中国医生在德国进行长期(6个月-3年)或短期(1至6个月)的进修、培训,德国成员单位提供名额和支持。
  • 德国专家到中国医院交流;进行报告。
  • 中德双方专家、管理团队进行短期访问交流。
  • 在德国或中国联合相关领域的专家举办为期一至两周的专项专业培训与交流。
  • Long (6 months – 3 years) or short term (1 – 6 months) further study and training stay for the Chinese physicians or talents in Germany, German members will provide the spot in their centers as Merck fellowship;
  • German experts visit China for exchanges and reports;
  • Exchange visits of Chinese and German experts and management teams;
  • One or two-week training and symposium of the experts in related fields in Germany or China.